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    Different symptoms all the time

    I suffered with anxiety about 6-7 years ago after around 7 months it went away on it's own. In January 2012 it started again I finally plucked up the courage to see the doctor about a month ago she listened to my heart and checked my blood pressure and said everything was fine. She offered me some beta blockers but I really don't want to go down the medication route I want to beat this again. My symptoms seem to change all the time. When the anxiety started again in January my heart would beat fast and I'd feel that I was losing control of my breathing and I'd feel so odd like I wasn't me. Now I have bouts of nausea, back pain, chest pain, rib pain and these horrible chills. I feel soooo cold and I shiver so bad and I feel like I'm shaking and I hold my hands out but they aren't shaking. Does anyone else have these symptoms and do yours change?

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    Hi Welsh. My anxiety symptoms have definitely changed over the years. I first started having bad anxiety when I was 13. At first I would have constant panic attacks and that would involve fast heart rate, feeling like I could not breathe, and feeling out of it. My anxiety disappeared for a couple of years in my early 20s. I started having really bad panic attacks again a few years ago. I could not leave the house, I was always feeling like I could not breathe. I actually started feeling a lot better about a year and a half ago. My anxiety was no where near gone, but I was learning to deal with it. A few months ago I started having a problem with dizziness. Now it seems like I am constantly dizzy. I really don't get the out of breathe feeling, but I am always so dizzy and feel out of it. If I concentrate on it, the dizziness gets even worse. I am only 28 so I know there is nothing seriously wrong, but there is always that "what if" in the back of my head. Over the years my symptoms have definitely changed.

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    Useful information.

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    Eveyone has a common problem that is anxiety ....I am also in same problem.....Very useful information

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    Thanks for sharing.



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