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    Help I think I got mono phobia

    How do I go about getting help. I think I got mono phobia . I have been with my partner for 11 years and in that time we have never been apart for more than one night and was was due to hospital stays.

    Recently he has started a new job and is away. When it is getting nearer the time for him to go I start to feel dread. I start to panic and feel sick. It gets worse as the time comes and then when he goes I get so afraid that i start to be physically sick, my heart races and I would quiet happily nail him down to the floor to stop him from leaving. It's horrible I feel like if I let him go through the door I will die. I really panic, when he has gone I feel so afraid I have to get out of the house and go somewhere else, well anywhere.

    He doesn't understand how I feel and I just wish someone would explain it to him. It's so hard we have been through a lot of upheaval recently and we have nearly split up a few times.

    I hate it and I hate myself for being like this, but I cannot stop feeling this way and I am so afraid. I do not know what to do, as he thinks I am being a (moo) with him.

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    Hey gwenmoon, I think therapy will really help you out with this. I had a cousin with the same thing and therapy helped her emensley though it took awhile and she was put on medication she's doing really well. Maybe give that a shot and know your not alone there are support groups also that deal with mono phobia that may be helpful also. Hope this helps and welcome to the site.



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