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Thread: Suffocating

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    I am on the dotted line
    Being pulled apart
    By a heart
    That isn't mine
    She will pull and pull
    Until I am separated
    And be thrown away
    Smothered and suffocated

    She will cry and cry
    And say it's all my fault
    I will work to become
    What I can not
    I will try and try
    Until I give up
    I will drain and drain
    Until I am used up

    In the darkness
    I will meet my creator
    He will teach me
    all I forgot
    And I will fall knowing
    I am not enough
    I feel your hands
    around my neck
    so rough

    When you see me again
    I will be close to nothing
    Lethargic with no heart beating
    A cold smoke will swim down
    My colder throat
    And you won't shutter
    When you start to see my ghost

    When the sun falls
    I will start to spill my truth
    There is too much time
    I Wasted on my youth
    There's is no glory
    In all that I've created
    Living in my anger
    Week and understated
    And I will picture you
    Cool and calculated
    You stuff me down
    Cold and suffocated

    And in the darkness
    I will meet my creator
    And he will ask me to show my hands
    And when he sees the scars
    He'll know it's not my fault
    And he'll fall knowing
    That He was not enough

    I should go now quietly
    So my bones can find a place
    To sleep
    Where all my layers
    Can become reeds
    All my limbs
    Can become trees
    All my children
    Become me
    What a mess I leave

    In the darkness
    I will find my creator
    And we will both agree
    I'm suffocating

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