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    please, help me.

    hi, i'm a junior in high school and recently discovered that i may have anxiety.. a few months ago, i started having really strange thoughts; mostly sexual, but the weird part was they were about anyone or anything? doesn't matter age, relation, gender.. nothing? i didn't like them, or enjoy them- the only thoughts i enjoy like that are about my boyfriend, of one year.. i also have many of the signs of anxiety, i took the online test and so on, i just wanna know if anyone else has these weird thoughts also?? or if something is wrong with me?? i've considered suicide before, because of this, and i want those thoughts to go away and i wanna know what's happening, and that i'm not the only one- thank you so much.

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    Welcome Taylarskye. If you ever feel suicidal, please tell an adult that loves you. If they don't take you seriously, tell a teacher or someone that cares for you.

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    There is a thing called unwanted thoughts syndrome that may be what's going on. I don't know for sure I'm not an expert on anything really but I have heard things like that before. So at least know your not alone. Secondly, I don't think it's anything to worry about I think it's normal to have those kind of thoughts even if it's not towards someone you find attractive. I wouldn't give any credence to them unless you find yourself desperately wanting to act out those thoughts with those people. Try not to pay attention to those thoughts or think too much about them just let them enter your head then leave right where they came in. Hope this helps. and welcome to the site.

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    I hope you get his message. How have things been going now?
    You actually just need to handle the source of these problems. Go check out Dianetics. It's the mental science that deals with the actual source of unwanted emotions and thoughts. There's an actual source. Go to the .org website and literally in 5 minutes you will have the answer you have been looking for for a long time.

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    Yes on weird thoughts. Sometime, when they come, there is no rhyme or reason, and sometimes in my dreams. TOTALLY BIZARRE! Some are of sexual nature (dreams) and sometimes, I am outside myself seeing things occur. Do NOT harm yourself! You're not alone. I use visualization alot, aka "going to my happy place" where I build and design houses. That helps as well as focusing on the present (smells, sounds, etc.) I use incense and scented candles then focus on the sight/smell. Hope this helps



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