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Thread: The Fall

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    The Fall

    Here we are
    We just met but
    It's like I've always known you
    First steps to relations
    It only takes a few
    Now We're having fun joking
    And talking about our lives
    It feels like I got wings
    And you bring me up so high
    It's only been a short while
    That we've been together
    But I know in my heart
    this is gonna last forever
    We will get married
    We will have children
    There is no doubt
    There is no question

    The words you speek
    Stired things in me
    That I thought were gone
    My faint white heat
    Melting with grace
    Beneath your sun

    On a ledge dangling
    The danger brings a thrill
    Feeling as good as I ever felt
    a few months and
    I Can't tell if this is real
    Yeah sometimes we fight
    But it's the fights that make us stronger
    Drunk love
    Makes me know we'll never sever
    I promise
    it's you and me forever

    A year in now and things are getting hazy
    I do everything for you
    And this is how you repay me
    Sparks become explosions
    Anger swims in every notion
    These fights felt good
    Now it's like I'm overdosing
    I'm One foot off the edge
    Any subtle wind will make me tumble
    Wish I could go back
    To when I say your name and shutter

    Resentments building up
    And I am on the tippy top
    Looking down at the view
    Baby it looks so beautiful
    A year and some change
    I love you still but things changed
    Looking back on it all
    There is no use to all the rage

    these days are passing by now
    as it seems in 2s and 3s
    these thrills just aren't as cheap
    as they used to be
    Another missed call
    Another shot of alcohol
    Filling this space
    Of where I used to have it all

    But times change
    and so do the people
    There's Brown grass on both sides
    Of our relationships steeple
    And it towers over all
    Things below us look so small
    And I'm not ready to let go
    Of the love I held so strong
    But my muscles are aching
    And I can't hold on any longer
    The distance between us
    Only gross larger

    Now I'm here
    In the spot where you left me
    Stun struck and dazed
    At the ending of infinity
    Makes me think
    How we had it all
    Now were Heading
    headlong towards the wall
    And nothing in the world
    Could have prepared us
    For the fall

    The cement shatters
    Spilling out
    Remnants of this disaster
    On the ground though
    It feels like I'm falling faster
    And it lasts forever
    Never able to find my feet
    Moving fast but standing still
    Too much weight
    On buckled knees
    Falling faster
    Faster still
    Not knowing how to go on
    Without you
    Thoughts replay back in my head
    What the hell did I just do

    It felt so good atop your mountain
    Nothing can top the view
    And even though I lost it all
    At least I had you
    They say it's better to love and lose
    Than have never loved at all
    And you can't feel the high
    Without experiencing
    The fall
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