Eyes of black
Looking back
Bright lights
And muzzle flash
Flying metal
Watch it tumble

Heart beat slows
And eyes will close

flashing life
Glowing bright
See it still
Draining life
Blurry vision
With indecision

heart beat slows
And eyes will close

Winged angels
From every angle
Pulled by chest
To a place of wonder
Don't look back
just let it pass

Heart beat slows
And eyes will close

Knowing not
What lies below
6 feet under
Full of woe
Stuck inside
An endless slumber
Come and Sleep forever

I am waiting
Take me swiftly
100 deaths
It seems I'm dying
Time has slown
And worry grows

Heart beats quicken
Eyes slide open
Lying on
Hospital cushions
I find the light
Towards it I climb
To find myself
alive and right

And now I live
With endless bliss
Fate sealed
With a kiss
Pain is gone
Out of site
Makes me think
If I died
That night