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    Heart Pinned Shirt

    Lead me from the stillness
    Of pictures seeped in blue
    Bring me a blank canvas
    So I can start anew
    There is nothing my mind
    Can hold back from the flowing tide
    It will fill until it spills
    And drain until its dry

    I'm not an artist
    Of the standard definition
    I'ma man with a head
    Filled with words left unsaid
    So I spill my thoughts to ears
    that will not understand
    And lead them to my solitary,
    self created promised land

    I'll take this time to wish
    parts of me did not exist
    Separate me without parting
    Try to finish without starting
    Write myself a better life
    Without the struggle, without strife
    Tell myself no matter what
    I will stand to fight
    because the demons left inside me
    Will never falter or yet leave me
    So I pad the pain
    With flowing strain
    Till I can see it clearly
    Once again

    Forever embrace me in the gentle hands of reason
    Forever grace me with the subtle touch of seasons
    Shifting turning and spiraling
    In a mix of brown and orange
    May it forever grow forever flourish
    May the sounds of Mother Nature
    Tear sweetly through the air
    May the simple smell of autumn
    Forever wish that I was there
    May the transcendental beauty
    Forever meet my eyes
    May this feeling last for as long as I'm alive

    If nothing else
    what I see
    Adds up to more than what I know
    What is broken will soon grow
    Into a brilliant expanse
    Of bitter sweet providence
    And it will grow swift with beauty
    it will hurt For all its worth
    But I will stand
    with grace in hand
    And my heart pinned to my shirt
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    Lovely poem.

    Lovely poem thanks for sharing with us all



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