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Thread: Brother

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    All that time that I killed,
    Pulling smoke to my lungs
    In a parking lot covered in green glass
    Thats shimmering
    Like an ocean filled with pearls
    Along with everything I hate
    The light on my face starts to darken and dissipate...

    You were the devil under the water
    Pulling me down by my old wooden ankers
    Splitting and shivering,
    Soaking inside me
    God, Iím afraid of the songs youíve been singing me
    God I cannot hear your voice quite so clearly...

    Now out past the fields we were racing the sun.
    You slipped away past the fog and the firelight
    I saw the footsteps cut out of the ash
    Where we traded names
    to see if the colors would change
    And they did...

    I got sick of the pull
    You just stuttered and sank
    You were nothing
    But a curtain of sawdust
    And I was asleep
    A ghost inside my mouth
    Placing bets with my teeth.
    Forcing your voice out,
    Pushing my tongue up from underneath

    Then brother you killed me in the sun while I slept
    And you never grew out of the secrets you kept
    To keep all my light-headed hoping alive
    Carried for miles inside of your mind
    Now I'm writing down all of my sins I commit
    And pulling the strings youíve attached to my fate
    I'm done haunting houses and cursing at God
    And filling up spaces with black and white fog

    I am not you
    At least not anymore
    Oh brother i'm not sorry i'll leave you on the floor
    And sever the chords
    Youíve attached to my brain
    Making me something I am not

    I saw my whole life in the glass on the floor
    While you sat and wondered what all that shaking was for
    Now I'm floating down stream, chasing after my bones
    I know Iíll grow old but Iíll never let go

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    the last part really moved me



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