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    Man of Simple Things

    speak soft strong and silently
    of shakesperian tragidies
    and pull all your punches for me
    bend all your bows back
    leave me cold in the blowback
    and show me the things we can't see

    I'm a man of few words
    caught within notes and chords
    I don't think that I'm strong but I could be
    so shake off the abstract
    create life from the smokestacks
    and give me a reason to believe

    believe me...

    write notes in the margins
    magnify all the fine prints
    get across what you want them to see
    lift up your scope
    see the land, see the hope
    caught between the melancholly "I'm sorrys"

    I'm sorry...

    but thats not me
    not now or anymore
    my scars are heeling
    though I'm still sore
    my life's not easy
    but it could be alot harder
    and for that i rest assured

    Im a man of simple things
    simple life simple dreams
    but Ive coped and I've learned
    nothings as simple as it seems

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    yep i love this one to =)



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