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    Wont Stop Screaming

    I stand with pride
    on the divide
    to which I'm torn asunder
    the light reflects
    through plastic specs
    to eyes that fill with color
    behind the eyes
    there lays a mind
    to which you can't uncover
    so lift your gun up to my head
    let me hear the roaring thunder

    and let the rain fall slowly
    out of breath and out of money
    out of jokes, out of funny
    out with new in with old
    feeling brave
    feeling bold
    feeling felt
    cards are dealt
    now stands a time to choose
    forget to remember
    remember to forget
    forget it...
    the bomb is set
    I place my bet
    the world will end to the sound of a sunset

    so fill the needle
    her venom in your veins
    carried in the bloodstream
    a shot of opium to the brain
    take a breath
    let her awake
    the poison as it permeates
    soon the cells give way
    she cancels out the day

    and as the sky falls around me
    I inhale a cloud as it pasts by
    Iíll fall under weight
    to symbolize how Atlas died
    the world on my shoulders
    once steady with knees locked
    now spilling over
    like a puddle on the sidewalk

    catch a glimpse of my life
    and how I came to be
    the monster rages inside,
    never speaking
    I realize what Iíve learned, what I've seen
    and I won't stop screaming till its out of me
    I wont stop screaming till its out of me
    I wont stop screaming till its out of me
    I wont stop screaming
    until dreams become reality

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    amazing! =D

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    Geez, dood. Awesome poem!

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    Thanks a bunch!

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    So I figured out the problem to the pm issues so I'm gonna rewrite this on all your poems lol



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