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    I'm pissed right now!

    I am tired, stressed out to the max, angry, and have the shakes right now. My daughter is going out again. My wife has to work tonight. Every other weekend we have our live in niece's annoying little brother (yes I know he is my nephew) stay the night. My Mother-in-law told his biological father that we wanted to see him every other weekend so his dad drops him off at her house and then she brings him over and dumps him here. I said we need to stop but, no one is listening to me. They hardly even play together and all he wants to do is play with my live in grand-daughter and play with the kid next door. My niece gets mad when I tell her that she can't go anywhere because her brother is here. And she says but, he doesn't want to play with me. And then I say then why does he come here? OMFG!!!!

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    so funny! you're amazing

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    why are you upset?



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