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Thread: Need a mentor;

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    Need a mentor;

    Generation personality clashes, cause my life to go ......
    people avoid me as far as possable stating from some that my personality/ora intimidates people and can influnce others. That let me be now alone after 47 years 14 of which was maride life which preduced 3 lovely daugters that does the same as the rest and that is to avoid.

    I know its sound pathetic but after 47 years havnt experianced anyone human that came and try to court me or indicate he or she wants to be with me phisic or any other reason.

    Thers so much more, lol , but lets see this is my virst visit here and dont know what i am doing is right as yet.

    May you have a seven rainbow day.

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    I wish you lots of smiles

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    I hope you feel fine.



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