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Thread: Bigger Boobs

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    Bigger Boobs

    Woman says to husband;... `I want to have bigger Boobs, and it will cost 20,000, to have them done`.

    Husband;..`20,000`!!, exclaims the man. `I hav`nt got that kind of money`.

    Over the next few months, the Husband is constantly nagged by his wife to come up with the cash, for the Implant operation. Despite suggesting that she try a Push Up bra or Chicken Fillets, the woman continues to pester her husband, to pay for the op.

    Finally, pushed to the point of exasperation, the Husband says; `Look, why don`t you rub some toilet paper up and down your cleavage`

    Woman;..`How the hell, is that going to make my breasts bigger!?`

    Husband;..` I don`t know`...`but just look at the difference, doing it once a day, has made to the size of your Ass`!!!.

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    haha nice!
    Search "crinc anxiety" on google...



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