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    Englishman, irishman and scotsman

    ok, so im from ireland, these r our favourite jokes.

    so.. an englishman, an irishman and a scotsman are standing infront of a firing line.
    the englishman is called first, the firing squad prepare to shoot when the englishman shouts "VOLCANO ERUPTION!!", the firing squad turn to see and the englishman runs away!!

    Having seen this the scotsman is called next, the firing squad get ready to shoot when the scotsman shouts "EARTHQUAKE!!" the firing squad turn to see and the scotsman runs away!!

    The irishman is called last... after seein what has just happened with the 2 men before him getting away. he is called and the firing squad get ready to shoot and the irishman thinks to himself for a moment and shouts


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    LOVE this joke! I told variations of this one when I was younger! Never failed to get a laugh! TY for sharing it!


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    Reminds me of school, there were always loads on English, Irish, Scots jokes flying around!

    Unfortunately my memory is too poor to remember any...



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