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    Talking I'm proud of myself

    Yesterday, I was really depressed. I really wanted to cut myself. I went into the kitchen to get a knife. I started thinking. "Why am I doing this? How is this going to help me? It's only going to hurt me more." Then I started thinking about what my bud had said about cutting. "When you cut your hurting people around you more than your hurting yourself." I put the knife down. Later, I found a way to cope. I draw. I really enjoy it. I'm really good at it too. Just I'm running out of space on my wall in my room to hang pictures at! I haven't burnt myself in over a month. My bud made me promise not to burn myself anymore. Talking to him makes me feel better also. I'm so proud of myself!

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    I have to say I am not very atuned with this Phobia, so I cannot give you any first hand advice to help you. You said you found and outlet. My family is gifted in art skills to a point my mothers bronze sculpcure is in the governors mantion in georgia, And my brother is an Animation Director in LA California. I Oil Paint and have sold a few when an art gallery displayed my paintings. So Go with it and Make art your life and savior. I still paint to sell and do family or single person portraits. I have 3 I am working on now and My Mom's work in bronze and Oil Painting is on display in a Gallery In Atlanta right now. I got probaly 100 pictures e-mailed to me from her showing her work and she got allot better in the last 5 years. Well this is totally off subject so, Get into art, Get good and it can pay your bills and buy houses.

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    Good for you, Emi! I am proud of you, too! It is a hard thing to break these vices, but you can do it, girl! An outlet like art is a very good way to help you work through your feelings and vent your frustrations. Music and art (more arts and crafts) are my outlets. I am a music teacher and I've always found that singing and playing instruments are extremely effective in helping my stress and anxiety. There is nothing more beautiful than the arts. You go, girl!



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