Hi there guys
Someone asked me how to put Photos up on the Gallery via the “My Blogâ€￾ so I hope these instructions help!!!!
1. Open the main Phobics forum page.
2. On the right hand side click on “My Blogâ€￾.
3. On the right hand side there is a box called “Your Blog Optionsâ€￾ scroll down and click on “Your Blog Settingsâ€￾.
4. On the left had side there is a box called “Menuâ€￾ scroll down to “Invision Galleryâ€￾ then click on “Your Albumâ€￾.
5. You will now see in the main page “Welcome to your Control Panelâ€￾ here you will see
“Click here to create your first Albumâ€￾ click it.
6. Fill in the boxes as what you want your Album to be called eg. “Photosâ€￾ eg. “Joe Blogs Albumâ€￾ then if you choose to click the "Public box" this means fellow members can view your pictures.(This can be taken off when ever you wish). Then click “Create Albumâ€￾.
7. Then you will see another box with “Album Managerâ€￾ in here you will see on the right hand side “Controlsâ€￾ click “Upload Imageâ€￾.
8. You will now have a page open called “Post Imageâ€￾ in here you type a caption for your pictures, scroll down to “Image to Uploadâ€￾ on the right hand side click on “Browseâ€￾.
9. This will open a box called “Choose fileâ€￾ you now need to locate your pictures on your computer, and choose the picture you want then click on it then click open, then click “Post Imageâ€￾.
10. Your Photos will now be located in the “Galleryâ€￾ which at the top right hand side on the “Forumâ€￾.