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    Talking Hello

    It looks like a lot of the threads here are old, so I'm not sure who will see, but I wanted to just say hello. I've had an account here for a few months, but I just never had time to come back. I saved the link in my email so I could. I think I made or replied to one post in a "fear of plumbing" thread, because it was something I could connect with.

    I'm a 40 (almost 41) year old writer (still trying to get traditionally published and working on self-publishing) who works as a control accountant. I've had anxiety all my life though I didn't realize that's what I had as a child until a few years ago. I'm also depressed with ADHD and a multitude of other mental health conditions. I have tons of hobbies and interests though which serve as good distractions lol. I consider myself a compassionate nihilist even though I'm also afraid I might be narcissistic. I hope everyone here is doing well in this Covid times, and I wish you all the best!

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    hello AshRose,

    i don't think this forum is very active anymore, which is a pity, as we need place to communicate.

    i knew i had bad anxiety since about the 3rd grade, ur not alone, well i guess we are soft of here. i'm looking for other places but no luck thus far

    good luck with ur writing and hope you can get published soon and great to know u have hobbies bc its very lonely during lockdown.





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