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    Anybody on Disability Due to Panic Attacks?

    I have had panic attacks with agoraphobia for the last 6 years. I believe I was fired from my last full-time job back then because of it and have not been able to get a full-time job since then. I finally applied for SS Disability and wonder if anybody else has been successful in getting disability from social security due to panic attacks.

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    First Forgive my writing I am from Germany live in Alabama.Yes I am in the Process going for Disability do my Panick Atacks which I have over 10 years.I worked last 3 years ago being divorced and my EX let me live with him(till I get Disability).

    I am scared like s..... to go in front of the Judge and the Vocational Person .My Lawyer will not say a lot I got to do the talking.I am so afraid I mess everything up and flipp out,why the hell does the Lawyer not talk for me he gets paid for it 25% of the Back Pay.

    I will keep everyone informed how it works out.My Doctor of 10 years who knows me well with all I am going true backed out to help me even he promised before now I got to go to a Psychatrist which will be provided from the Lawyer.

    That makes me also feeling bad .I read right now how to help your self if you have a Panic atack to be prepared if it gets bad when I am in fron of the Lawyer.

    It is pure Torture.I can hardly leave the house.


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    Sorry to hear that.



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