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    Hey ^-^ I'm Pixie. Socially anxious and agoraphobic

    Hi everyone. I'm 27, and I've suffered from anxiety all my life. I'm just discovering what could have caused it. I have general anxiety, social anxiety, and agoraphobia. I can go out if someone is with me, but not yet alone. I've made attempts but always fallen back a few steps. I'm here to share experiences and make some connections, hopefully!


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    Hi Pixie! I'm Ann, and new here too 🙂 I'm 26 and also socially anxious as heeeeck. Not quite sure i'm agoraphobic, but i'm definitely ergophobic, which is fear of getting a job. I'm trying now, but like you said, falling back steps every time. Can I ask: d'you have a job? I'm trying to get ideas... Anywho, nice to meet you! You sound nice 😁 It's reassuring meeting someone around my own age on here. Have you had any luck meeting people on this site yet?



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