New member here, I'm after some help/ advice.

My fiancÚ has suffered with monophonia for years, specifically her fear is being alone in the night time. In the past if I've had to go away someone has stayed at our home, she's stayed with family or on some occasions she's booked herself into a hotel (because there's other people around).

I've just been told I need to work nights all next week and she's had a panic attack, we've just moved to a new city so we have no family and few friends here.

What can we do to help? Booking a hotel for the week is not an option financially as we are struggling as it is to make ends meet. We don't have anyone around us to stay with and she can't take the time off work to visit family.

She says no-one understands and she's probably right, I honestly don't understand it but I empathise with her. I have in the past turned down social events if I know they will run late or not gone out with friends if I know she'll be alone.

Short term- has anyone got any advice or suggestions for next week? So far her suggestions have been taking pyjamas into work (lol seriously) or taking pain killers to help her fall asleep before I leave for work (I believe she will do this & it worries the hell out of me).

After short term, what can we do long term? She suggested before she likes the idea of hypnotherapy but that runs into the thousands.

Thanks in advance.

Big C