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    Really severe monophobia, help??

    Hi, you can call me D. I'm 16, a female, and I've had severe monophobia all my life. Monophobia is the fear of being alone, not socially, but physically being in a place alone. Unfortunately my monophobia is so severe to the point where I can't use the restroom at school, I cant stay home alone, hell im a teenager and I need to sleep with my mom by my side! I've already tried confronting it by staying in a room alone at a summer camp for 4 days...I didn't sleep at all, panicked and screamed the entire time, and even returned home with it being WORSE. Please help!

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    H Danuah.
    I know exactly what can help. Go to the website Dianetics (.org). The intro video should say it all. This has helped me personally handle my upsets and sadnesses in life, the anxieties and countless other problems.
    Just keep watching the videos.
    If you need help, please Email me and I can help suggest how to get started. My email is JustYourTicketToFreedom (at gmail .com)



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