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    Post New Here Looking for People like me

    The roller coaster of being bipolar , having anxiety, depression, ADD, constant migraines.. never ending stress..... trying to find ways to alleviate it is a constant struggle even with my medication, therapy sessions and psychiatrist. I have just been a workaholic to keep from being home alone, to save me from myself really. I have people I can hang out with but I isolate myself because of my mood.. I don't feel like being around anyone or leaving my apartment. It's completely unhealthy, I know. But I know they can't relate to how I feel or what I go through emotionally. Although, I can fake it really well, and have to, for my job.

    Anyway, I hope to find other people like myself here.

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    Understand. Anxiety, stress, avoid folks but would like to be with folks. However, my mood makes me want to be alone...I get it. Crafting has been of some help if I can break the cycle long enough to begin something. Painting, etc. Also, have began using Earl Grey tea because it's supposed to help anxiety/depression. I'm not depressed just climb the walls



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