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Thread: Hi

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    Angry Hi

    Hello my name is Ella, I am 16 years old , and I am here because I feel like I need maybe some guidance, I feel like when I get really frustrated I lash out, for example I punched my sister because she kept going on and on to me about tidying up

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    Welcome Ella,
    Lashing out at your sister is part of growing up. As you get older, you will see how immature it is to lash out.
    I hope that you can control your anger to keep you out of trouble in the future. Ask your sister for forgiveness.

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    I've had this happen too and it's gotten gradually worse. yesterday it was really bad and I'm so sorry this is happening to you. It's mostly hormones and stuff right now as a teenager so just ask for forgiveness and try to talk to her about it. <-- I know that's easier said than done

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    My sister and I used to fight like cats and dogs. Don't worry you'll grow out of it



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