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    Angry and Overwhelmed

    I used to be a kind and loving person I think. Over the past couple of years I struggle to keep my anger and stress in check. I find myself bursting into rage and fits over the smallest things. I don't want my children to learn these habits or fear their own mother. I would love to learn how to cope and manage my feelings more effectively. Please any suggestions are welcome! Thank you...

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    I think a good therapist might help. If money is an issue maybe a good book on managing your anger....or is stress the precursor?
    I totally believe in exercise....anything that will help burn the adrenaline and help to clear the mind. Do you have any hobbies?

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    Stay away from Psychiatrists and analysts.

    Check out Dianetics. Go to the website and watch the video. Literally in 5 minutes of landing on the page you will know more about yourself and what causes these things then ever before.




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