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Thread: Please help me!

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    Please help me!

    Hey, I'm very new here and not sure where to start.
    I suffer so severe from my SA that I cannot work and it leads me to being at home all day long on my own.
    I haven't got any friends apart from my bf as I moved to a new city and don't know a single soul here... which slowly drives me MAD!
    Everytime I try to work the employer says that he thinks that I am not suited for the job and no matter how hard I try and act in confidence I come across as nervous and unsure. It is a vicious c***le as I know that work is my only way to connect to people and integrate with society again WHICH I FIND SO HARD! Please someone message me I'm on the verge of losing my fucking mind. The NHS is USELESS and I haven't got any money to pay for a private therapist either.

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    Currently, art and crafts have been of some help to me. I've also began drinking Earl Grey tea (no more than 4 cups day) which is supposed to assist with anxiety & depression. Melatonin (20 mg) 3x day was of some help to me. I also burn scented candles and incense. Sandlewood is a smell which brings me calm. Everyone is different. I've noticed if I can find a smell that helps me, I smell it often when I'm stressing. Essential oils. Citrus scents tend to hype up. Earthy smells (lavender, cloves, sandlewood) are more helpful for me. I hope this helps you.



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