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    Hey I'm New 'n I kinda need some help.

    I'm sorry to make this sound dramatic but I'm in the process of having a panic attack and can't breathe let a lone think. I tried getting into chat room but I'm on my ps3 and can't get anything to work properly. Really need someone to talk to; I got a meeting today, well in 9 hours with someone to talk about the domestic abuse I went through and I'm freaking out. It will be my first time discussing what happened to me with anyone outside of my mum and my current partner. No idea what to expect, can't calm down. I'm breathing but panicking. I can't sleep and know that when I don't sleep I get so spaced out its as if i am drunk and the thought of messing up during this meeting because I'm tired and emotional is making me freak out...so ye..sorry for urgency.

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    I'm sorry this is a year later. If you still have these or anything just try to breathe. I don't know exactly what you're going through but i have anxiety attacks and they SUCK. try telling it to people, as many as possible because it really helps. As far as the domestic abuse thing goes never forget to speak up for yourself and get help, but you seem pretty good at that anyway. Keep fighting

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    At your own pace breathe in for seven counts then out for eleven counts , repeat as long as necessary, it works



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