Hi! I'm new here and I wondered if there is anyone with the same phobia as me? And what do you do against it?
I have Spectrophobia, which means I am afraid of mirrors and ghosts. I got this due to some horror movie I watched when I was 7 or something and it has only gotten worse since. I'm not constantly afraid of mirrors, it come in periods. Sometimes it's really bad though. I find that it's worse at night and when I am home alone. I have removed all mirrors out of my bedroom and office. I avoid facing mirrors with my back and touching mirrors. When I go on holiday, I cover up the mirrors in hotel rooms with towels and I never sleep next to a mirror.
Whereas I am not constantly afraid of mirrors (I can put on make up and brush my teeth in front of the mirror without freaking out), I am always, and have always been afraid of the dark and of ghosts.
I always sleep with a light on unless I have my boyfriend to hold on to at night. I hate noises at night and I get nightmares very easily. I have but to think about nightmares and ghosts and I will be having bad dreams at night. Also, my bed is next to a wall and I cannot lie with my back exposed. I have to lie with my back facing the wall otherwise I get anxious. I also have to have something to hold on to at night so I sleep with a huge teddy bear. Isn't that sad, I'm 24 and I sleep with a teddy bear! Anyhow, let me know what you think!