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    phobia, fear...?

    Hi everyone,

    Iíve been reading the forum and feel like I can really Identify with you guys. This is the first time Iíve told anyone about my fears.

    About two years ago, I started having anxiety, my heart rate sped up, I began sweating and having tremors when I thought about going outside. It made no sense! People keep telling me to just try going outside, but whenever I do I feel sick and just want to go back inside. I feel like Iím wasting my life. I canít do any of the things I want to do and I always feel like Iím missing out.

    If anyone can help me, Iíd be really grateful. Living like this is torture! I just want to go back to being a normal person.
    Thanks and lots of encouragement for everyone else going through this.

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    Hi sarah,

    Well, great that you decided to talk about your fears. Have you sought the help of a therapist about this? I'm all too familiar with extreme anxiety and how it makes one feel. I have a similar problem as yours due to OCD and PTSD. I dislike leaving my home and also feel like my life is wasting away because of the problems I have.

    Yes, it does feel like torture. I have to remind myself that I can try to be kind to myself, too, instead of always beating myself up mentally for how I am. Weird but it's not very easy to be kind to oneself. When you're feeling super down about yourself, try reminding yourself that you deserve to treat yourself better. I do know how very hard it is to do that when you're being sucked in by the mental quicksand.

    Take good and gentle care.



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