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    What's with the twitchy head?

    Something weird has started happening lately. I know this might sound weird..lol..but my head/neck have been getting a twitch or it feels like my head is trembling. It use to only happen if I was really nervous and had to hold really still (like at the eye doctor.) If I would have to hold really still, I would start to shake. Now it is happening without me having to hold still. It's really not a big deal, its just weird. I have definitely had almost every anxiety symptom out there, but this one is a weird one. Its like if I turn my head a certain way, or I am just sitting here my head will shake or tremble very lightly. It doesn't even last that long. Has anyone experienced this. I have posted before about my anxiety vertigo, so I'm just wondering.

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    You need to tell your doctor.
    Sounds like a nerve problem to me, but I don't know much about that.
    Actually, I don't know anything about that.

    I have had something similar happen with the medications that I have taken.

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    Thanks for sharing.



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