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    bored of anxiety and depression

    I've been suffering with depression on and off for about 10 years but over the last 2 years I have had massive anxiety issues and had a breakdown. I a tattooist and there is at of pressure to my job and a lot of people had very high expectations. I have since been medicated and changed me studio. Everything is going great I have a good job an amazing partner . I came off fluoxotine a few weeks ago as I thought all was good but I can feel things starting to slip I'm so annoyed with myself my anxiety is creeping back and I cnt be bothered to do anything again and feel a bit like what's the point. What's wrong with me why cnt I kick this everything is great although I'm always a little anxious because I have menieres disease so I live in fear of dizzyness sort to offload but im just so fed up of feelings g thus why and dnt understand why I dnt want to go by to the dark place lol

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    Sorry new phone so there's a few typing errors

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    Don't worry about typo's.

    I think being a tatooist would be really fun. I have no artistic abilities.
    My wife got a tramp stamp of a butterfly.



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