Hello everyone,

My name is Zane and i am new to this forum and have been dating my gf on and off for about 4 or 5 months now. I currently serve in the navy and we live apart from eachother. We have been dating for a little while and i have broken up with her twice now and is not very fair on her apart because i know of her condition and how it is i just dont know how to handle it. I do care for her alot and i really want to be with her but sometimes i cant tell if she puts on show or if she if her agoraphobia is taking her over. i understand that she has something that isnt easily controlled if at all. She has been more than giving in our relationship coming to visit me in another state miles from her home. As of now we are visiting my home in ky and she came with me. i guess my question is am i being a selfish person by asking her to do too much by just wanting to spend time with my family? I want to do the things she wants to do as well i just find her contradictory sometimes and feels like she uses it as a crutch to get her way. i honestly dont know what to do in certain situations and i really feel bad when we argue when she is around cause she has no one to turn to except for me. We had our biggest fight today ever but i dont know what to do if it is me doing something wrong or what it is. anyone to read this and help me or shed some light would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you al