So, for years i have struggled to pin point what im actually scared of, as im scared of so many things but they are all linked.

bizarrely, I'm afraid of any type of super soft material e.g. toilet roll, napkins, some cardboard that has a soft texture, some towels etc. basically, hate having out of control dry hands.

But on the other hand, (no pun intended) I hate having uncontrollably wet hands. You know that time when you stay in the bath/shower/pool for too long and your hands go all wrinkly. That's the worst for me. My hands have gotten very sensitive and could wrinkle within 5minutes of being in the water.

This fear has been happening from when I was at least 5years old. I used to cry my eyes out not wanting to get a bath I was so scared. I'm now 17 and its controlling my life. I have to get all my family to set their napkins on the ground in restaurants so I can't see them and can't go swimming. After baths I can't do anything at all for about half an hour. After baths i also cant open my hands. They are tightly squeezed into two fists and i cant tough anything until wrinkles go away. I'm even shivering just writing this question as to even think of it makes me want to be sick.

If anyone has similar issues to me id ove to talk, or if anyone knows how to overcome this phobia (should i see a doctor?) or has a name for it please help. I'm also worried growing older will I have discomfort as my hands will naturally get wrinklier?

P.s. since this all started when I was young, I'm curious to know how the phobia may have started? Could it have been a situation with anything that I may have blocked out?