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    What the hell am i doing does she like me or not :(

    3 years ive known this girl i think i love her maybe always did from day i met her we go to movies every tuesday and she stays over sleeps in my bed but we have never kissed or snuggled or had sex or anything so wouldnt say we are in relationship or anything but the other night i occidentally put my hand on hers and she moved so fast to the otherside of the bed it was crazy away from me . It is alot of effort for her to see me its hour and abit away and she always asking me to do stuff with her im confused is she interested or not and im just something to do ladies answer plz

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    oh your in a bit of what i call "friendzone" she might only see you as a friend /: maybe she just really doesnt look at you the same way you do. I mean yea I see why your confused. She is always asking to hangout but that doesnt really mean she likes you. She just wants to hangout because youre cool. I dont know. Maybe you should talk to her about it and see what she says. I mean yea it wikl be hard but its worth a try if you do really like her and if she doesnt like you then ok yea it will hurt but life goes on but if she does like you then dont waste anymore time and get with her because you know 3 years of liking someone is a longgggg time. Wish you nothing but the best. Good luck!! (-:



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