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Thread: Chatrooms

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    I know someone posted a thread a while back asking how to access the chat rooms. I haven't been on here in a long time and need help with accessing it. I can't seem to find the link and have tried to search through the forums on how to enter chat. If anyone could help that would be really nice. You can reply to my thread of send me a private message thank you

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    I havent been on for a long time either, searching like a madman for a link to the chat.

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    Im an Old dude on these phobics chats, i dunno if im wrong but the chat i found after searching around for 20 min or so (at the bottom of page) was empty. You should really make finding chat more easy! thought id check in to maby see some oldies, and maby talk to some new, but lost interest in the search.

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    Hi mondo i've just popped on after a long time, having the same problem..

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    Hello everyone..nice to meet....how are you?

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    How does this work



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