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    You Guys Know There's A Poetry Section Right? :)

    Hey all, I've been on this site for a while now, used to be in the chat but not so much anymore. Most of my time here is spent posting poetry over at the writing section which brings me here to ask the question. Since ,like many users here, I suffer from certain emotional/mental issues that requires me to have constant verification of my awesomeness, I was wondering why no one responds to my stuff. I see it get tons of views but not one person (aside from a special select two or three) actually says anything about them. I'm not complaining as much as I'm saying hey if you like it just put a few words in the comments section telling me so... if you think if warrants it of coarse. If not no biggy its cool. Hell even if you don't like tell me that too. See I'm debating weather or not to continue writing or continue posting it on a public forum such as this one. Not only that it its nice to know that my writing is actually reaching or somehow helping someone. Again I'm not saying this in anger just want some feedback. If still no one posts anything after this that's fine too I'll probably keep doing it.

    Anywho, either way if your reading this and you do happen to read my writing I appreciate your eyes for doing so.
    See you around.

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    Because they are all fake attention seekers. They play to have problems but their only problem is they can't be in the spot light 24/7. Sorry... but you wanted a answer i gave you what i think. Now i'm waiting for them to kick me off of here. I can't figure out how to get rid of this account.



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