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Thread: Food fears

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    Question Food fears

    I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place, but I was just curious if anyone had a similar problem to me. I'm scared of vegetables, fruit, meat with bones and fish. I can't eat them. I've tried with simple things like carrot and apple, but it ended up causing me to have panic attacks. It gotten to the point where thinking about it can set me off. I'm basically living off wheat products at the moment and it doesn't help with trying to lose weight. Any advice?

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    Hi blimey bet thats awkward and fustrating when your hungry aswell, have you been to your doctors you might benifit fron speaking to someone about this and seeing if their is something that triggered it off was you like this always or did it start later in life ?? like you said if your wanting to loose weight you need a varied diet to say healthy aswell good luck hope you get it sorted.

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    I like to eat vegetable & sea Fish....



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