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    19 and this is scary

    Hi everyone!. im only 19 and i always feel scared and panicky. ive had anxiety for about 5 years and it keeps getting worse. i also have hypochondria to and it really scares me. i went to the doctor and had an ekg about a year ago and blood work but i still get scared. i need help

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    Hello Melyou, When you have bad anxiety, try to get some fresh air. I do some breathing techniques that I learned. Act as though you are smoking a ciggerette. Take deep breaths in, and then blow out as if you were blowing smoke out. Like make your lips in the "Oh" shape and blow. This will give a little resistance to the breath, and allow for the breath out to take longer.. Anyway, when your anxiety kicks in again, try this, and to visualize my instructions. Doing so, may get your mind off of what it was on.

    Works for me

    Sometimes my heart beats so loudly when I have a panic attack that I think others can actually hear it beating.. it is very scary.



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