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    i just had to quit my job...

    I am starting to have symptoms of agoraphobia. I have panic attacks, and I had successfully gone to work 5 days. On the 5th day, I had a panic attack and had to leave. I can't go back to work now, because the people don't understand my disorder. It is an unsafe environment for me, so I had to quit. Now I have no way to make any money, and I am starting to slink back into my not leaving the house thing again. The week of my panic attack, I was starting to leave my house. I went to Wendy's and even clothes shopping with my mom. Now I'm back at square one again, and it's terrible. I just recently started taking Zoloft 25mg. I know I am going to have to switch medicines, but the thing is I had to find a new psychiatrist, so I will be stuck taking the zoloft until the 23rd. The 23rd is a long time from now, and waiting that long for help could potentially be my downfall. Since I am seeing a new doctor anyways, should I try to find a new clinic to go to? One that may be able to fit me in earlier? This is turning out to be an awful situation and I really just need some good insight. Anything you guys can tell me can really help.

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    Those panic attacks are a bitch. Try this......the next time you feel one coming on just say to someone close something like.....I am really nervous today..... or I feel so stressed. For some reason letting others around you know how you feel the panic attack will dispell. We feel as if everyone can see it all over us and we feel we are going to lose controll. Just try this it works.

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    I had to quit my job, too

    I just joined here, but wanted to ask of you have looked into receiving State Disability while you're out of work. My situation was very similar to yours. I had one of my worst panic attacks at work and it sent me to the hospital emergency room. The doctor determined I was not fit to work and put me on State Disability. While I'm out on disability I have to attend group therapy classes at the hospital to learn how to manage my anxiety along with other issues I'm dealing with.

    Is that something you can talk to your doctor about?



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