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Thread: Medicine!

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    I for almost two years was not able to take medicine!!! But I have successfully been on medicine now for almost a month! And boy am i glad i am! It has helped almost 50 % more with my anxiety and ocd. I was afraid of everything..I was specailly afraid to take medicine..I didnt want it to make me feel weird or high or anything like that but i pushed through and am so happy i did!!! I AM SO PROUD!

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    Glad you finally found the help you deserved ! I have not found a med that I can tolerate yet but hearing this gives me confidence !

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    It was difficult for me to get on my medicine when I needed it, like I wouldn't take it for two days in a row etc. to the point where my doctor was offering to do a stronger med once a week anyways so I can relate! I am so glad to hear that your mood is better and that you have been able to take it more consistently. Yay you! Also I feel like you might benefit from this video I watched called "The Science of Willpower: Kelly McGonigal" by Tedx on youtube or the Tedx website. It shifted my perspective a bit and has helped me get a little better about doing things I know I need to do. Maybe it could help you too



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