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    Unhappy I feel like I'm in Limbo and I need someone to give me some insight.

    Last Tuesday, my partner tried to kill herself. She's never done anything like that before and she's usually the level-headed one out of the two of us. She doesn't have an anxiety disorder, but she does have mild agoraphobia. The reason I mention this is because it affected our job. The next day, I tried going into work and couldn't do anything but cry, shake, sweat, and forget everything I was doing. My manager ended up telling me just to go home. Well, two days later we get a text message from our boss. She says that she has gotten both of our shifts covered for the rest of the week and for us not to come in. So, we got let go. Well, yesterday, my partner called our ex-boss and asked for her job back. I had been working at the place for over four months and my partner had only been there for three weeks. Our boss gave her back her job, but said she didn't think it was a good idea for us to work together and that she'd give me a good reference. I talked to her and I told her it was all because I'm not on the right combination of medicine anymore and that I'm going to see a new doctor this week. I've been taking Ativan for almost a year and I have built up a tolerance to where I don't feel it anymore, so I always have to deal with anxiety with no relief. Anyways, my boss said for me to give her a day to think about it. My partner just left for work today. Our boss said she could come in and work a pretty long shift today. I honestly feel discriminated against for having anxiety and it's not fair that I lost my job, especially considering that it was my partner's freak out that got us into trouble. I'm angry that she got her job back and that I might possibly have to look for another one. I refuse to look for a job anywhere else because we live in a small college town full of fast food places and I can't function when I work those kinds of jobs. I was working as a delivery driver for this job and it was perfect for me. I would really love to have it back. What's freaking me out right now is the wait. I haven't slept but two hours since Saturday. I keep shaking, I can't breathe, I'm sweaty all over, and the anxiety will not go away. I feel deeply unsettled and it won't stop. I'm not sure what to do or where to go from here. All I can do is hope that she will let me have my job back. Otherwise, I really don't know what I'm going to do....Help!!

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    Hi Kirstybird77,

    This is chris cavicchia or in chatroom known as Chris_C. I understand the situation u are going through. Because you guys are partners sometimes in professional business, they, "Try to keep it", On the business level. Seems like they were waiting for a reason to let one of you guys go, because of the partner situation. I understand about the medicine's also. Everyone's body is very different and different how long it will take to adjust levels and different feeling you feel, during that time, and even if it works i went through about 2-3 diffrent types b4 they got the right combination. Some people are very lucky the first one works. You need to use breathing techniques that work that will slow you're mind from reacing so fast, and slow your heart down and you;re breathing down. But you need to breathe inhale slowly through your nose and count 1-10, then hold, then exhale 10-1 out of mouth slowly as u push from your stomach diapram. Slowly and not to fast Easy and close you're eyes as you do it. And make sure you take meds same time in am and pm if you're required. It makes a diffrence and you're body will program to it. Then you need to create a word in you're mind that means one thing, it means to calm im okay its only panic I WILL NOT DIE, its symptoms of panic anxiety disorder. EXAMPLE: My word is AWAKE then after much practice the word i know naturally close eyes thing of something special sometime or somewhere youve enjoyed somewhere. Then practice the breathing method and repeat i am fine it will pass. GOOD LUCK I HOPE I WAS SOME HELP.. Anyway why dont you stop by the chatroom on the website im usually there, and many others who share information for eachother including me. When you log into main page and it loads up. Scroll all the way to bottom of the page and click anxiety chatroom then click in block any name you want then click connect and you will enter.

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    You seem to be dealing with a lot of fear for yourself. Fear of facing a new employer, fear of applying for another position, fear of the headache of looking for work, fear of what will happen to you, on and on. Number one, sufficient for the day is the evil thereof. Just live today, one step and one breath at a time. Do not take on the world and the next 20 years of your life today. Also let go of the past it won't help you either. We can pile up obstacles and never go anywhere. Then just do what is at your hand to do. Get a newspaper look at the adds, then go online look at the adds there. Then get on your glad rags and go to businesses locally that do deliveries or whatever you like. I think we relish making things heavier than they are maybe we are just looking for sympathy or attention.



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