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Thread: Do I have OCD?

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    Do I have OCD?

    My Psychiatrist told me that I do, but I still am never sure. I have been diagnosed with Anxiety, Depression, OCD, A Chemical Imbalanced Emotional System and some sort of Mental Illness having to do with emotions. I do not know wether I have any of these or not. Sometimes I think I really do, sometimes I think I tricked myself into believing it and sometimes I use it as an excuse. I twirl and play with my hair SO much. I get massive headaches if I don't. When I try to focus hard I have to either be pulling on my hair or twirling it. Kids at my school will look directly at me and twirl their hair and then laugh. It hurts me so much. I also cannot get over issues. I had this day with friends on 9/7/12 and I still cannot stop thinking about everything that went wrong. When someone tells me to let it go I just answer, "OBSESSIVE complusive disorder."
    I do not know wether I have this, tricked myself into it, or use it as an excuse. Can anyone tell me if they think I do have OCD?

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    It could be, but I would trust your psychiatrist. I have ADHD, and I can't sit still or focus on things for too long. Alot of the time I'll be tapping my foot or look all around the room, something so I can be moving, plus I have alot of trouble paying attention to alot of stuff, from schoolwork to facebook. Wtih schoolwork, I do it in intervals, where I work for a little bit, then take a break, then work for a little bit, then take a break and so on. It's a pain since I'm in college now and have huge papers with meticulous details needed, but taking breaks help alot. This may help you at home, but I can't gurantee it. Also, when people make fun of you, you can't let them know it bothers you. If it doesn't do anything, then what's the point, right? Ignore the negatives and focus on the positives. I will say that you can't bottle up your feelings, though. If you do, then they burst out. If you can find someone supportive to talk to, tell them what happened and how it made you feel. It has to be someone you can trust, though. You don't want to automatically not trust anyone, But you don't want to be too trustworthy. As far as if you have OCD or not, I would trust your psychiatrist, because it is his/her job. To me, it sounds like either OCD, ADHD, or both, but i can't give you a real diagnosis, just an opinion.



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