I've been in a long distance ''relationship'' the past 2yrs with an ex-military man That suffers from major alcoholism and severe PTSD.The first couple months were weird but tolerable.I was really starting to think that he could be relationship material and started to fall for him.Then three months into the relationship out of almost nowhere he seriously threated me.I was really scared and really thought it might be over for me.The next several months I was verbally abused and degrated by him and the threats continued.I tried to make the best of a bad situation by listening to his heroic but horrifically graphic stories of his military situations he had been in,and tried to work at being a ''free psychiatrist'' for him and praying to God to let me out.

I dont understand PTSD.Is it common for those with the disorder to abuse, threaten,and just plain HURT the ones they say they love so much???

He has now recently entered a rehab center to try to break free from alcoholism.In one way I feel like its an answer to my prayers that he wont have such a tight grip on me if hes not under the influence of alcohol.I'm scared now because I promised I would meet up with him when he gets out and Im scared too because of the trauma hes put me through.Hes the kind of guy I guess you just dont say ''NO'' to.What If he doesnt take no for answer when I tell him I never want to see him again?I just dont feel I could forgive him for the things hes done to me,not enough to be with him.I just want to be free of him and have him go away.Help!