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    Unhappy How to tell someone that you might need help?

    I'm pretty sure that I have major anxiety issues.. I've had several panic attacks and I'm always worried about something. I know that I should tell someone that I have a problem but I'm just too scared to do it. I just want to maintain the image of the normal happy teenager, I don't want anybody to see that there's something wrong with me, but I know that I could use the help. I hate being worried all the time and I hate having panic attacks before big tests. Its gotten to the point where I'm anxious in big crowds, breathing heavily and wide eyes, social anxiety I think. I think maybe talking to somebody on here would be a better way to start, at least I would be talking about my problem instead of hiding it like I usually do.

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    What is your family like? Depending on the sort of people they are I can understand not wanting to reach out to them.

    Is there a school counselor or someone you could talk to? You mentioned being in school so seeking therapy on your own might be out of the question.

    This is a good place to start though. Being able to put your feelings into words in a safe environment so you have those words when it comes time to talk to someone in person. It's certainly not going to be easy though.

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    Beth, Part of your anxiety could be that you are trying so very hard to "maintain the image of the normal happy teenager" There is no such thing! All of your peers have issues and problems that they are trying to hide. Sit down with your parents and tell them. Get help now before you end up strugging with this for the 20 years that I have... and I have a very supportive family that I found out when I went to them that they too had anxiety/panic problems! Be honest and hang in there.



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