I am a freelance journalist working in the UK and I'm looking to write a piece on the treatments offered to people with phobias in the UK, in particular for those phobias that are slightly more unusual.

I understand a person can gain a referral from their GP for cognitive behavioural therapy but I would love some further information as to what this involves from a patient perspective.

If anyone would be willing to share their own experiences with me then that would be fantastic.

If perhaps you could tell me:

1. What do you have a phobia of?
2. How has if affected your life?
3. How did you access treatment (under the NHS)?
4. How long did you have treatment? How many people were in a group or was it one-on-one?
5. What did treatment involve?
6. Was it effective?
7. Is your life any different now as a result of treatment?

I would be very grateful for your insight.