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    Is your driving phobia stopping you from living your life the way you want to?

    We are looking for people with real and serious driving phobias to appear in a Channel FIVE documentary series, "Dangerous Driving School". Are your driving problems taking over your life? Do you want to receive free help tackling your problems from our expert instructors? Is your husband, grandmother, daughter, friend safe on the road, or do they need our help?

    Channel FIVEís documentary series, Dangerous Driverís School, is returning for a second series. Throughout the first series we featured drivers who wanted to kill their speed, lose bad habits, overcome their demons and restore their confidence. Under the watchful eyes of our expert instructors they all become safer and more confident drivers.
    We need people who want to address their problems and wouldnít mind talking about this on camera. The transformations of drivers we featured in the first series was remarkable and not only sparked a major change in the quality of their lives, but also helped make Britainís roads a more peaceful and enjoyable place to drive.

    Please email amy.hawes at matchlight.co.uk to find out more.

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    I'm actually at the point where I honestly do NOT want to drive. I don't even want to take one step near the driver's seat. I can sit in the car, just not behind the wheel without freaking out and begging my dad that I don't want to drive.



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