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Thread: My Situation

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    My Situation

    This is about how I feel about my friend. Cat. I deeply care for her.

    I care her such that I get scared and have panic attacks when certain other guys are around her. I always turn away from them.

    I have been trying to reconnect with her this year, I just wish that we would go back to our friendship last year. We would hang out outside of school/going to homecoming together (one of my best memories in the past several years.)

    I am not the type to become attached to people, but she makes me feel different. Her upbeatness and cheerfulness, even when she is tired, in social situations makes me feel great.

    Whenever she is near certain others, when I get home, I feel empty, sad, and alone. I have an overwhelming sadness come over me. It gets depressing.

    If I left anything out of this, I will add it.

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    Cat is a nice name for a girl... you can't really go back to the previous time, but just focus on right now and what you can do to re-kindle the friendship again. Let her know you are okay with her hanging out with others guys, because you don't want to be possessive, and just gently go about re-connecting with her, but don't stress out about it. Expand yourself and do other things in life too, it will make her more attracted back to you, and just have fun



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