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    Hello. I suffer from anthropophobia, I'm prone to depression, and I also have Aspergers. I used to self harm, and sometimes I still want too but I resist it.

    I'm currently trying to get over my anthropophobia, I've had it since I was a young kid and it's only these past few years that I've been able to face up to it. It's had a massive impact on my life, restricting so much. I believe that it stemmed from events in my early childhood, and wasn't helped by my Aspergers. My father wasn't a nice man, and as well as being a physically abusive person, he also mentally and emotionally abused. During those first few years where people interact and begin to develop social skills, I never did because I wasn't allowed to have friends.

    I won't get too much into it here in the introduction though. So, it's nice to meet you, and I hope being on this form can help me.

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    I had to look up anthrophobia, I thought it was fear of furries.

    I'm very likely autistic myself so I know where you're coming from.

    Welcome to the forum! You should also check out the chat if you have time, it's very fun and useful.

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    your story sounds similar to be only i cant figure out where it came from. I dont believe genetics are that influential. Because ive had anxieties from a young age i assume it was a few bad years in school and home that started the whole thing , around age 5-8. I recall a lot of name calling at primary school and am starting that had something to do with it, also my father was a cold and bad tempered man during them years.
    I dont think you can be born with anxiety, but i think some people are more sensitive when they are growing up, to their environment and treatment, than others. would you agree with me?



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