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    It's a struggle but i'm getting there

    Anxiety, panick attacks, agnoraphia and god knows what else is what i'm going threw. I must say i'm very proud of myself for pushing myself as much as I did and getting to where I am now. I would'nt leave the house bc i was so terrified and scared to death to get in a vehicle, well many times of trying and baby steps I can now get in the vehicle and not think about it. I'm still working on going into place and walking down the road, it's not going very well. I try and try and try and it just seems to not get any better. I had a break down today, i'm just so tired of this that I cant take it anymore. I called many of doctors today crying and asking for help. If I can get myself to be comfortable going into place then I can make it to the doctor and get the medication and help I need. I'm also terrified of medication so I know when I get to that point it will be a battle, but I gotta take one day at a time. I'm to the point now that if I was to be put on medicine now I would have the courage to take it cause i'm so ready to get better. I feel as if I can just walk right down the road or walk right into a place but when I go to do it anxiety hits me like a ton of bricks and then I give up hope. It's a battle I'm determined to win one day and I hope to god I do, sometimes I believe this battle is way stronger than what I am. I need to build my confidence back up and determination, I need support to do that and I'm not getting none where I'm at.

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    Hi Sharon
    Can your doctor not come to the house to see you, agoraphobia is a illness and he will know that with agoraphobia means people cant leave the house because of it.
    Medication would help calm you down and lift your mood which would help you
    I suffer from depression neuropathic pain and i used to suffer from severe agoraphobia and i did not leave the house for months and when i did i needed someone with me all the time, medication and support groups helped me a lot i would not be where i am today without that, i have no problems leaving the house on my own now, i go on holiday abroad and i am working so it shows no matter how hard it is with the right kind of help you can get better.

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    good for you



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