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    Pregnancy and Severe Anxiety

    Hey everyone! I have a question for the ladies..or anyone who might have an answer for that matter. I have agoraphobia and just am all around anxious about EVERYTHING. I have suffered with anxiety since I was a child, I am now 26. I took anxiety pills from 13 years old to 19 years old. I have not taken anything since. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant ( it will be 7 years in September) since we first started trying. Anyway..My question is this.. Can anxiety especially severe anxiety keep me from getting pregnant? Has anyone ever heard of or experienced for themselves not being able to get pregnant because of psychological problems? I have recently had blood tests run and everything else checked..and physically I am fine..I asked my doctor if the whole not getting pregnant thing is psychological and she said no..but I am not so sure. If anyone feels comfortable talking about this subject please reply. I would love to hear if anyone has had this problem and I hope I posted this to the right forum.

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    Stress can have a big effect on whether or not you concieve and you built up this big issue about it causes more stress.
    This may sound stupid but stop trying and enjoy the sex for awhile and dont use anything of cause so you can get pregnant .
    start doing fun and exciting things you both like take the pressure off.Make it fun not a chore again.



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