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Thread: im in trouble

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    im in trouble

    Going to be brief
    im 21 years old
    up to this point life has been miserable
    school was a struggle
    even going into the shop to buy something or walking down the street, im a wreck
    i cant handle living in a society, as with many anxious people
    a simpler way of life is required
    im at university doing engieering but i dont fucking know why,
    i love the engineering, but i hate having to conform to a stupid system of exams and presentations which im too fucking nervous to do anyway, therefore i get shit marks and less able people score higher.
    In my opinion this is a fucking form of discrimination against my illness. because i feel heavily disadvantaged by their methods
    i was thinking of quitting the whole fucking thing and getting a shit job, but that is a depressing thought
    i cant deal with people, especially women
    im always nervous and therefore have never formed a relationship, and cant see it happening
    i dont see the point of me existing any longer in this grind of a life, going through the crappy motions from day to day

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    "i was thinking of quitting the whole fucking thing and getting a shit job, but that is a depressing thought"

    If your grades are still good despite your issues, then by all means stick with it. If you're having difficulties, and doing poorly, dropping out might not actually be a bad idea. No reason to waste yours or someone else's money if you're just going to flunk out. (or is university free in Ireland, I don't know how it works). And while going back to school can be difficult, it is an option that you have (or maybe not, again I don't know how it works in Ireland).

    "Shit jobs" teach you humility, as well as how to survive on a thin budget. Most of them also put you in situations where you're kind of forced to interact with people in order to get and keep said job, which is a difficult thing, but ultimately a good skill to learn. Might be worth a try.

    Failing that, couldn't you get on the dole while you sort out your problems? Granted this is another thing where I don't know how it works.

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    I dont know if your gamer or not but maybe take small steps like talking to people online while playing video games or this going to be hard the first few times just say hello to someone on bus or train they may or may not talk back if not your not going to see them probably again anyway.the first time you get a small smile and conversation is one of the best feelings in the world because you know you fought your fear that 1 time and succeeded.try old people LOL there less intimidating and more like to talk to you and have tons of life experience they want to share.



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